Music Composition

Entails melody, harmony, rhythm writing, musical structure, and orchestration.

Sound design

Creation of sound textures for use in music, or sound effects, by the use of various methods, like sound synthesis, resynthesis, audio capture, and sound effect processing techniques.

Music Production

Enhancement of the original composition and use of modern production techniques to make the song stand out and sound fresh.

Music and Audio Mixing

Mixing of all instrumentation and sound effects for instrument clarity, impact, and professional sound.

Music and Audio Mastering

Final polishing for music/audio, ensuring a balanced audio spectrum between audio parts, as well as a good translation to most end user systems. Audio normalization respecting media loudness standards.

Film Scoring

Sync’d music writing. The translation of movie events to music, ensuring a deeper connection to what’s happening on screen.

Video intros and presentations

Music/sound effects for video intros, title sequences, and presentations. (ex. for use in YouTube or Company Videos)

Middleware integration

Integration of music/audio with video game engines by use of middleware software which deals with the game music/audio logic.

Video game music

Linear and adaptive music creation for every video game need.

Commercial Ad Scoring

Custom scoring or jingle writing.

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